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To Contact One of Our Lead Learners simply click on their name.

Kindergarten Community Lead Learners
Jeannie Allen
Jessica Etheridge
Alisha Cobb
Terry Collins
Amy McDevitt
Kathryn Dobbs
Jessica Gamble

Community One Lead Learners
Frances Braswell
Wendy Hallford
Alicia Hernandez
LaSharn Thomas
Robin Dean
Jamie Shelton

Community Two Lead Learners                                                        
Cyndal Whiten                                                                 
Lauren Davis                                                                        
Kayla Franklin                                                                      
Shelia Daniel                                                                     
Sara Steindorff                                                                       
Hannah Moore                                                              

Community Three Lead Learners
Maria Franco
Alyssa Schaefer
Ander Helms
Renee Dickerson

Community Four Lead Learners
Britney Fureigh                                                                     
Amber Spears

Community Five Lead Learners
Lauren Young
Kendel Hanson

Community Six Lead Learners                                                                                                                    
Catherine Kenny
Andrea Campbell Edmead
Brittany Austin

Community Seven Lead Learners

Jeremy Pickens (math)

Christy Glassford (humanities)

Ted White (Arts Academy)

Community Eight Lead Learners

Kathleen Griswell (humanities)

Shara Wade (science and Engineering Academy)

Kellee Forte (Arts Academy)


Community Nine Lead Learners

Morgan Lambard (science and Agriscience Academy)

Patrick Browning (Career Preparedness)


Special Education Lead Learners

Lynell Carr, Special Education Coordinator

Lauren Breeding, Preschool

Jennifer Mesaris, Preschool

Barbara Buchanan

Katie Jo Callicott

Stacy Crusenberry

Cassandra Blackmon

Shelby Mason, Speech/Language Pathologist

Natalie Tucker, Gifted/Instructional Coach


Physical Education Lead Learners

Louis Hines

Ken Klinger (also Interim Athletic Director)


Resource Lead Learners

Tina White, Counselor

Holli Lovrich, Counselor

Katrina Todd, Interventionist

Jeremy VanEgmond, Makerspace

Chris Wilson, Choral

Jamie Mitchell, Remediation (part-time retired lead learner)