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Extended Day Program (Before and After School Care)

Extended Day Program (After School)

Pike Road Schools provides students with an innovative after school program. The After school program will run from 3:00-5:45 each day in accordance with the operational days of Pike Road Schools.
After Care Schedule:
School Dismissal 3:00
Arrival/Snack 3:00-3:25
Rotation 1 3:25-3:55
Rotation 2 3:55-4:25
Rotation 3 4:25-4:55
Rotation 4 4:55-5:25
End of Day Clean Up 5:25-5:45

The PRES extended day program focuses on four areas: Arts, Leadership, Health & Wellness, and Free Play. We believe all four areas are essential building blocks to teaching the whole child and will provide enrichment to the lives of all learners. The following are examples of activities within these four areas.


The Arts Focus Rotation 

Pottery Dance Guitar Piano Poetry 

Visual Arts Drama Skits 

Health and Wellness Focus Rotation 

Yoga / Stretching Dance for fitness Nutrition Activities about making good choices 

Running/Walking Jump rope Brain Research Movement activities 

The Pike Road Way Leadership Focus (Character Ed) Rotation 

Character Ed Lesson

The Free Play Rotation - 
Playground for outdoors - Games/Puzzles/ other inside activities for days not able to be on playground. 

Cost of the Program:
$250.00 a month (Grades K-5)
Daily Drop in rate: $20.00
Multi-child discount: 15% of total
Late pickup fee: $10 at 6:01 PM, plus an additional $1 per minute after that late payment fee.
Late payment fee: 10% of monthly tuition is automatically added to the account the day the payment becomes late.

Parents may register by completing the Extended Day Registration Form.

Parents who wish to drop students off before 7:30 will be charged a fee. You can register by completing the  Extended Day Registration Form.  The cost is $40 per month per child.



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