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Cindy  Harlow

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Skipper  Jones
Physical Education/Baseball Head Coach

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David  Sikes
PRHS Principal

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Terina  Gantt
Assistant Principal

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Holli  Lovrich

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Brooke  Meadows
C7 History

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Christy  Glassford
C7 English

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Sherry  Taylor
C7 Lead Learner

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Amanda  Fuller
C7 Lead Learner

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Kathleen  Griswell
C8 & C9 History

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Hannah  Bradford
C8 Lead Learner

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Heather  Boling
C8, C9, C10 Science

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Bethany  Howard
C8 Math

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David  Koda
C9 & C10 History

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Rachel  Stricklin
C9 English

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Cindy  Mullikin
C9 & C10 Science, Bio-Medical

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Jeremy  Pickens
C9 Math

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Sarah  Foreman
C10 English

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Crystal  Adams
C10 Science

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Cassandra  Blackmon
Special Education

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Amy  Johnson
Special Education

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Kellee  Forte
Arts Academy

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Morgan  Lambard
Science & Agriscience Academy

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Ted  White
Arts Academy

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Stacy  Cox
Information Technology Academy

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Chad  Adams
Career Prep & Health

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Josh  Clark
Student Support

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Ralph  Ford

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Patick  Browning
Physical Education

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Elissa  Cargile
Physical Education

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Robin  Cutter
School Secretary

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