You must hold a valid certificate to teach at Pike Road Schools.

For additional information regarding Alabama certification requirements, visit the Teacher Certification section of the Alabama Department of Education website at http://www.alsde.edu or http://tcert.alsde.edu.

Current employees may contact the Human Resources Department with any questions regarding certification, renewal or reinstatement of an Alabama Professional Educators Certificate.

Recognizing a Higher Degree

Current employees requesting to have a higher degree recognized for pay purposes should request their institution to mail or email official college transcripts to the Alabama State Department of Education.

Next, the employee should complete the Verification of Higher Degree From and submit it to the Human Resources Department at Pike Road Schools.

Once the State recognizes the higher degree, the employee's pay will be adjusted on the following paycheck.

If you have any questions or need more information, you may contact a representative from the Human Resources Department (334.420.5300, Option 5).