An eDay is a day in which students receive their classroom instruction electronically. These days require students to work at home and will not require physical attendance in school buildings. Instruction on eDay is linked to grade-level standards and includes real-time learning and is linked to in-class learning. It should reflect a normal school day and is a valuable day of instruction.

These days have been designed as professional learning days for teachers and the vast majority of our staff will be in training all day. Students will have access to online instruction by way of teacher websites and grade level or department websites.

The majority of our students have access to the Internet at home. In addition, the Pike Road Branch Library provides internet access for students from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, if Internet accessibility is a concern for any Pike Road student, parents should contact the student’s teacher for other arrangements.

We will accommodate families with specific needs.

Our teachers will communicate with parents and/or students in greater detail as the specific eDay draws near. eDay assignments will be posted prior to the eDay to assist in accommodating family schedules.

Questions about an eDay should be directed to the student’s teacher or principal.

For any technical issues, please email a member of our technology team at itsupport@pikeroadschools.org.