Federal Programs

The Pike Road Schools Federal Programs Department strives to ensure compliance with all federally funded education programs by providing technical assistance to schools through the support of continuous improvement plans and Title budgets, planning, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring for compliance with federal statutes and regulations. Please review the LEA Consolidated Plan located in the Documents section of Federal Programs. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please contact the Federal Programs Department using the contact form on this page.


Title I - Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

Title I is the largest federal aid to education program Pike Road Schools receives. Title I funds enable the PRS schools that are eligible to offer Target Assistance (TA) programs. TA programs provide supplemental services to identified students who are low-achieving or at risk of low-achievement. Eligible schools use Title I funds for supplemental instructional materials, technology, additional staff, professional development, parent involvement programs and materials, and extended day/year programs. 

 Title II - Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High-Quality Teachers and Principals

Title II funds support professional development activities designed to prepare, train, and recruit highly qualified teachers and principals. Title II funds are used to support intensive high-quality professional development activities in the core academic subjects. 

Title III - Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students

Title III funds are supplemental to the core ESL program and are used for professional development, materials/supplies, parenting, and extended-year programs.

Title IV - Student Support and Academic Enrichment 

The purpose of Title IV is to ensure that all children have access to a well-rounded education, to improve school conditions for student learning and o improve the use of technology to enhance the academic achievement and digital literacy of all students.  

Title IX - Homeless Education Assistance

The purpose of Title IX is to ensure that all children and youth living in homeless situations have equal access to the same free and appropriate public education provided to other children and youth. Pike Road Schools has developed policies to remove any barriers that would hinder their academic success and provide them with the same educational services and opportunities to meet the same challenging state student performance standards to which all students are held.

Homeless children must be identified and may qualify for assistance.  If you suspect a child may be homeless (this status can also apply to children who are temporarily living with a relative due to situations such as parent(s) divorce or loss of a job, please contact our Federal Programs Coordinator using the link on this page.


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