The Superintendent is responsible for appointing a qualified person(s) to provide
homebound instruction for eligible students. Homebound students must have a
physician’s referral verifying an anticipated absence from school of three or more
weeks. The student’s principal will notify the Superintendent’s office when homebound
services are necessary. In consultation with the regular teacher, the homebound
teacher will provide an instructional plan, including an outline of assignments,
preparation of examinations, and grading of assignments or examinations. Homebound
students will receive services for a minimum of four hours per week.

Special Education Students
Special Education students will receive homebound services when the Individual Education
Program specifies homebound as the least restrictive environment.

Regular Education Students
The criteria for homebound services is as follows:

    1.  The student is currently enrolled.  

    2.  A parent or school principal requests homebound services.  The request includes a written recommendation                 from a physician.  

    3.  Appropriate homebound services consider the physical capability of the student
         and the length of the anticipated absence.

Attendance Accounting
The attendance register will mark homebound students present during the entire term of
the absence. The school of enrollment will maintain student records.