Preschool Program


Pike Road Pre-K – an Alabama First Class Pre-K


Future residents may enter their names in the pre-registration; however, students must be residents of the Town of Pike Road at the time of the lottery drawing. Addresses will be compared to the legal map of the Town of Pike Road on the workday before the lottery drawing. Officials will remove the names of non-residents from the list. Only current residents will be included in the lottery drawing.

Children must be four years of age on or before September 1*, based on acceptable documentation, such as birth certificates, passports, official medical documents, or official documents from other countries. Children five years old and eligible for Kindergarten may not enroll in Alabama First Class Pre-K. 

P.R.S. has FOUR First Class Pre-K classrooms.

Please click here for more information, including a timeline of events.

Applications are also available in Spanish and Korean.

Please contact Pike Road Elementary School using the form on this page to request a copy of the application in Spanish or Korean.