Tech Payment Information


A summary of user fees and repair costs can be found below.

Mandatory User Fee to be paid by Student/Parent/Guardians in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Non-Refundable Per School Year Fee:

  • Kindergarten - First Grade- $25 Fee
  • Second through Fourth Grade- $85 Fee
  • Fifth through Seventh- $100 Fee
  • Eighth through Twelfth- $150 Fee
  • Multiple Child Discount - 15% overall discount

Please click here to pay technology fee.


Damage Claim Fees Per Occurrence:
(Damage caused by accident, fire, flood, or other cause)

iPad: $100.00

Chromebook: $50.00

MacBook: 150.00


Loss Claim Fees Per Occurrence:
(Complete loss of the device caused by theft, loss, fire, flood or other cause)

Chromebook: $250.00

MacBook Air: $500.00