As a student, I PLEDGE to be assume ownership over my learning and use my knowledge, skills, and influence to make my school system, my community, and the world a better place. 

 I PLEDGE to take ownership of my learning by

Being enthusiastic about the joy of learning, thinking, innovating, and creating.

Spending time talking and listening to my parents, teachers, experts, and classmates everyday about my learning - - discussing with them what I am working on, what I am learning, and what I am curious about.

Taking more responsibility and assume ownership over my learning.

Being a continuous learner.

Stretching myself and attempt challenging work.

Giving my best effort in all circumstances and celebrating quality work.

Learning from failure and view failure is a valuable part of the learning process.

Being resilient.

Reading often and talking about my reading with others.

Developing self-confidence and self-discipline.

Eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep and exercise every day.

Seeking assistance or advice from parents and teachers when I am confused or need support.

Being on time and prepared for learning each school day.

I PLEDGE to use my knowledge, skills, and influence to make my school system, my community, and the world a better place by

Being a positive influence and a good friend to all my fellow Patriots.

Being an active researcher, curator, content creator, and publisher.

Talking with others about my learning - - things I find interesting, things that challenge me, things I want to learn more about, things I have recently learned, etc.

Asking questions, having conversations, and modeling my curiosity about the topics being discussed/studied.

Learning with my parents, teachers, classmates, experts, etc.

Having positive and respectful relationships with teachers, students, and other staff.

Thinking about and pursuing ways I can have a positive impact on others.

Being honest, working hard, respecting others, and having integrity.

Following through on assignments and other obligations for the benefit of myself and others.

Using tools and resources wisely and for good purposes.