Data Governance Committee

"The Pike Road Schools Data Governance Committee consists of Superintendent, Chuck Ledbetter; CSFO, Russell Raney; Director of HR & Technology, Ryan Kendall; Director of Teaching & Learning, Tiffany Yelder; SIS Specialist/Registrar, Tiffany Walters; Special Education Coordinator, Amanda Williamson; Network Specialist, Garrett Burgess; Instructional Technology Specialist, Diana Simpson; Assessment Elementary Curriculum Supervisor, Lashae King; PRHS Principal, Brittney Duncan; PRJHS Principal, Jason Hadden; PRIS Principal, Bonnie Sullivan; and PRES Principal, Jeff Hatfield.

The committee will meet regularly as needed.”

Board Policy 4.10 

4.10 Data Governance and Use

Superintendent is authorized to establish procedures governing the storage, use, and sharing of data maintained electronically by the school system. Such procedures shall comply with applicable state and federal law and shall include provisions for data security (including physical security measures), access controls, quality control, and data exchange and reporting (including external data requests, and third party data use).

Nothing in this policy or in any procedures authorized hereunder creates or expands any entitlement to confidentiality of records beyond that which is established by law or specific Board policy.

Any unauthorized access, use, transfer, or distribution of Board data by any employee, student, or any other individual may result in disciplinary action (up to and including termination for employees) and other legal action.