Pike Road Schools (PRS) is a public school system located in southeast Montgomery County, Alabama and serves approximately 2,500 students in preschool through 12th grade.  PRS has three campuses, Pike Road Elementary School campus serves approximately 900 learners, Pike Road Intermediate School serves approximately 600 learners, and our Georgia Washington campus houses Pike Road Junior High School and Pike Road High School that serves 1,000 learners. Learners at Pike Road Schools are residents of the Town of Pike Road.  

Pike Road is the fastest growing town in Alabama.  The PRS mascot is a Patriot and the color are red, white, and blue.  

Pike Road Schools prides itself on being responsive to how students learn. PRS believes intellectual growth occurs when learners are genuinely engaged in their learning, and this happens when students are solving real problems for a real audience.  Subjects are integrated as much as possible and students are researchers, curators, content creators, and publishers. Teachers guide, instruct, and support students in their learning as well as help them navigate content and resources. Learning in this manner causes students to retain what they learn and apply their learning to new situations. Teachers structure learning so that students have more ownership of their learning. Having ownership is an essential skill for a lifelong learner. In addition, teachers place no limit on student learning so that each student can reach his/her full potential.