As a school system, WE PLEDGE to accomplish our mission of creating a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students have ownership over their learning and are inspired to think, innovate, and create. 

We PLEDGE to support our students as learners by

Fostering a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Being responsive to students’ needs as learners to enable each student to reach his/her full potential.

Empowering teachers as designers, facilitators, navigators, mentors, encouragers, and leaders who guide, instruct, and support students in their learning.

Engaging students in their learning by creating experiences by in which students are solving real problems for a real audience.

Empowering students to be researchers, curators, content creators, and publishers.

Piquing students’ curiosity about how things work and encouraging them to ask questions, observe, investigate, take things apart, build, and create.

Structuring learning in a way that allows students to have more ownership over their learning.

Creating learning experiences that cause students to retain what they learn and be able to apply their learning to new situations.

Using technology resources to supplement, enhance, and accelerate students’ learning.

Empowering students to conduct in-depth research on topics of interest to them and to become the resident experts on their area of interest.

Assessing students’ knowledge and skills to devise each student’s learning path and reassess as needed to ensure students are continuously learning and making significant academic gains.

Flexibly grouping students to work on specific content objectives/skills based on their learning needs.

Supporting each student on his/her level with an emphasis on moving the student to the next level.

Allowing student learning to determine how we use time and resources.

We PLEDGE to communicate and partner with parents and the community by

Valuing parents as our partners and members of the school community.

Communicating and collaborating with parents about your child’s learning, events, and opportunities.

Providing parents ongoing access to their child’s progress as a learner and working together to monitor and discuss students’ progress.

Enlisting community support and volunteers to share their time, hobby, and/or allow our students to come into their place of business for shadowing, apprenticeships, and opportunities for solving real problems.

Collaborate with colleges and universities to provide online and onsite college courses to enable our high schools to earn college credit hours prior to graduating from high school