As a parent/guardian, I PLEDGE to be a valuable partner and member of the school community.

I PLEDGE to support my child as a learner by

Helping my child discover the joy of learning, thinking, innovating, and creating.

Spending time talking and listening to my child everyday about his/her learning - - asking questions such as “What did you work on? What did you learn? What are you doing next? What are you curious about?

Helping my child take more responsibility and assume ownership over his/her learning.

Asking questions, having conversations, and modeling my curiosity about the topics being discussed/studied by my child.

Learning with my child.

Talking with my child about my learning - - things I find interesting, things that challenge me, things I want to learn more about, things I have recently learned, etc.

Encouraging my child to learn continuously.

Encouraging my child to stretch himself/herself and attempt challenging work.

Helping my child learn from failure and teach my child that failure is a valuable part of the learning process.

Modeling and encouraging resiliency.

Encouraging reading. I will read to my child, and I will listen as my child reads to me.

Helping my child develop self-confidence and self-discipline.

Encouraging my child to have positive and respectful relationships with teachers, students, and other staff.

Discussing and modeling qualities like honesty, hard work, respect, and integrity.

Affirming my child’s respectful attitude, responsible behavior, and quality work.

I PLEDGE to communicate and partner with the school by

Talking with my child's teacher about how my child is doing in school.

Partnering with my child’s teacher(s) by sharing relevant information about my child and participating in parent conferences.

Partnering with my child’s school by participating in and volunteering at school events.

Reading all correspondence from my child’s teacher and the school.

Responding as needed to correspondence from my child’s teacher and the school.

Checking my child’s learning progress on a regular (weekly) basis.

Ensuring that my child is at school on time each school day.

Making sure my child gets healthy meals, enough sleep, and good exer­cise every day.

Setting a regular time and place for school work that is free of distractions.

Supporting the role of teacher as designer, facilitator, navigator, mentor, encourager, and leader.