Invitation for Bids



Bid Submission Deadline/Opening: December 2, 2020 – 8:30 A.M.

Address to Submit Bids/Bid Opening: Pike Road Board of Education, 696 Georgia Washington Road,

Pike Road, AL 36064.

The Pike Road Schools Board of Education (“Board”) is soliciting bids from vendors who are interested in

providing commercial, solid waste collection and disposal services for Board locations

(“Services”) over an approximate three year period (the “Contract”).  The Board invites interested contractors to submit sealed bids to the above address to provide all trash dumpsters, equipment, labor, vehicles, personnel, and ancillary resources needed to perform the Services pursuant to the Specifications and other requirements in the Bidder Information materials being provided in connection with this Bid.


Bids will be accepted until the time and date specified above, at which time those bids will be publicly

opened and read as soon thereafter as practicable. Each bidder is responsible for mailing or delivering

its bid so that it will be actually received at the above address and location at or before the specified bid

opening time; bids received after that time will not be considered.


Interested contractors may obtain a copy of the Bidder Information materials (which includes the

Specifications for the Contract, and Contractor’s Bid Response Form) from Russell Raney (the Board’s

CSFO) at the above address. Mr. Raney may be contacted at 334-420-5303 or at Questions about the Specifications or other bid materials should be

directed in writing to Mr. Raney at his email address.


To be considered for the award of the Contract, an interested contractor must complete and return the

Contractor’s Bid Response Form and provide other information requested in the Bidder Information

materials. Also, to be considered for the award, the successful contractor must possess the minimum

experience and qualifications to perform the Contract that are specified in the Bidder Information



The award will be made to the contractor that lowest responsive and responsible bid. Interested

contractors are invited to submit unit prices for a base bid and an alternate bid. The Board reserves the

right to reject any or all submitted bids, to accept the Base Bid and Alternate Bid set forth on the

Contractor Bid Response Form, or to accept the Base Bid and reject the Alternate Bid. Also, the Board

may waive any informality related to the bids.

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_/s Russell Raney, CSFO - Pike Road Schools Board of Education November 18, 2020